Galvanic Treatments

Casiraghi is leader in galvanic treatments for more than sixty years, with one of the biggest plant: we can treat products up to 3.5 meters long and 1.5 meters high. Besides the chrome and nickel plating of metals (iron and steel), we can also provide manufacturing of gold plating and painting in different colors and finishes; we have a internal department for cleaning and polishing (manually).

Third party

We deal with subcontracting third party for various sectors, home furnishings (chairs, tables, stools ...) and furniture components (handles, kitchen accessories ...), thermohydraulic (radiators, heater) and moto-cycling (roof rack, fenders ...).

Customized solutions

With its technical department we are able to design customized products on request, developing the executive drawings, defining the different processes necessary for the realization (cutting, bending, welding, slotting …) thanks to the collaboration of partner company (Metalarredo) and qualified suppliers. We follow the production up to the finished pieces, choosing the chromed or painted finish according to customer needs. We take care of the packaging in order to ensure the minimum space during the transport and avoid damages during the operations of loading/unloading.
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